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About Mt Baldy Ski Patrol

About Mt Baldy Ski Patrol
Founded: Mount Baldy Ski Patrol 1953
Location : Mount San Antonio and Telegraph Peak
Our Mission is to provide protection, rescue and insure safety to all
that visit the Mount Baldy Resort.

The Mount Baldy Ski Patrol has been an integral part of the mountain for over 50 years. We are  a motley crew of men and women from diverse backgrounds.  We are doctors, lawyers, realtors, mechanics, nurses, firemen, engineers, waiters, students and we all have one thing in common- we are alpinists and we recognize the public need for rescue services in our mountain communities.  We also lend in a helping hand in rebuilding after fires and floods, perform mountain maintenance, dig ditches… you name it.  Patrolling these peaks that rise only above the clouds below can feel euphoric.  Mt. Baldy is like skiing in Heaven at times, not to mention the incredible views of Catalina Island and the Pacific Ocean!  This is what we do and if this group of individuals sounds like a group you’d like to be apart of please : “Get Involved.”

Mount Baldy is located in Los Angeles, towering 10,000 feet above surrounding cities. It has gorgeous views of the Mohave desert to the east and Catalina Island to the west, it is a secret hidden in plain sight. The San Gabriel mountains are geologically young and still rising above the Los Angeles Basin, located to the west of the San Andreas fault and are steeper than the San Bernardino Mountains on the east, which makes for great skiing and snowboarding. 

Mt Baldy Ski Patrol is:

Dave Mix and William (Bill) D’Auria:  Ski Area Management/Administration

Mt Baldy Ski Patrol (MBSP) National Ski Patrol (NSP) Officers:

Gil Estrada:  Sr NSP Rep, OET Coordinator:  Provides oversight for the Alumni Program, represents Mt Baldy at all NSP functions.  Provides historical perspectives and insight, mentors and coordinates with other MBSP Officers to provide directional guidance and oversight. Involved in all phases of planning, officer selection and program planning. Ensures adequate laughter and endures occasional vitriol.

Keith Church NSP Rep and Avalanche Instructor- Oversees all functions for NSP at Mt Baldy, and supervises proficiency and efficiency of all other NSP officers (below), attends regional Meetings and builds professional development.  If you get on Keith’s bad side he can scare you on both climbing and avalanche routes.

Ty Kostan:  NSP Asst Director, Treasurer, Registrar, Training Coordinator: Stands in for the Directors as necessary.  Also fulfills the duties of Treasurer and Registrar, coordinates patrol events and training.  TY is literally the patrol’s backbone.

Frank Deleo:  NSP Asst Director, OEC Advisor, Communications Officer, Scheduling Coordinator:

Stands in for the Directors as necessary, OEC Instructor Trainer, advises first aid policy, official communications on behalf of Mt Baldy Ski Patrol to other patrols.  Frank keeps our morale moving with sweet treats.  In addition to maintaining all scheduling for volunteers, Frank Assists in all registration, policy, and training related documentation for Patrollers.  Frank is our unsung hero:  he takes on the jobs others overlook that are essential to MBSP’s operation, and he does so with his characteristic smile and Jay Leno impersonation.

Tom Shelley:  Recruiting officer and initial contact for potential new patrollers.  Tom assists in outreach and facilitates communications to prospective patrollers.  Tom is as handy with a welder as he is with our O2 supply (make sure you get O2 and not acetylene if he’s tending to your needs)

Tom Bates:  Medical Advisor, CPR Trainer, Candidate Coordinator:  Tom advises the patrol on First Aid Training.  Tom is a true champion of volunteer-ism and can be found as regularly providing first aid at football games as well as on the mountain.  Tom is a liaison to NSP and OEC training system, also coordinates MBSP, County, and NSP policy.

Open Position: Ropes Advisor:  Advises the MBSP on all Rope Rescue including Lift Evacuations, low angle rescue, self evacuation, and customer pick-off training.

Open Position:  Webmaster/IT Support:  Maintains Website and develops web-design, scheduling, facebook & social media, and facilitates communications through the MBSP email list.

Jeff Pierce:  Avalanche Advisor, Candidate Coordinator:  Jeff is a lead Avalanche Instructor for the Region and has over 30 years snow study experience.  Jeff can identify a potential sliding layer before an event and follows our local snow pack religiously.

Mark Kim, Earl Nolan, Hans Ludwig, Jake Carpenter:  Mt Baldy Ski Patrol Training Core:  The Training Core consists of Mt Baldy’s Elite Personnel entrusted to convey the values and the knowledge necessary to be a successful wilderness rescuer to our crew.  These are the best of the best.

About Mt Baldy Ski Patrol Structure
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