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Steps to Becoming a Mount Baldy Ski Patroller

The Mt Baldy Ski Patrol is actively recruiting new Candidates and Patrollers for current and future seasons. The Mt. Baldy Ski Patrol is a group of dedicated and highly skilled volunteers and professionals. Our volunteer patrol is a unit of the National Ski Patrol, and is managed by Mt Baldy Ski Lifts Inc. In some situations, paid staff may or may not be NSP members. Our Mission Statement is as follows:

In partnership with Mt. Baldy Ski Lifts, the National Ski Patrol and the EMS System, Mt. Baldy Ski Patrol strives to provide mountain safety and continuously improve the skills & resources of its members through education and training in order to provide the highest quality emergency care and rescue services.

All Patrollers are required to be at least 18 years of age, responsible and proficient on skis (alpine or tele) or snowboard. To be considered complete the MBSL application here.

  • Professionals (minimum 2 day/week): To become a ski patrol candidate you will need to possess or acquire certifications for CPR for the Professional Rescuer, BLS, and Bloodborne Pathogens.
  • Volunteers: To become a Volunteer Patroller (working 2 days/month), Candidates will need to complete an Outdoor Emergency Care Course (OEC). Classes are held at several Southland locations. Please refer to the Southern California NSP website calendar for a list of current/future classes.
  • Everyone: If you are a M.D., R.N., or have a current EMT certification you can bridge over to OEC by challenging the OEC final exam. All patrollers must, on their own accord, complete a two weekend mountaineering course and a 20 hour basic avalanche course within the first two years of their registration. Please refer to the Southern California NSP website calendar for a list of current/future classes.

If you would like to spend a Saturday or Sunday on the mountain with the Patrol to check things out before applying, send and email and we will arrange to have a guest pass issued and advise the “Patrol Leader of the Day” to have someone show you around.

Let us know if you have any questions. I look forward to seeing you on the hill!

Best Regards,
Tom Shelley
Recruiting Officer, Trainer, Mt. Baldy Ski Patrol

Interested in joining the Mount Baldy Patrol?

Helpful information to Submit:
Date of birth, gender, contact information, why you want to become a patroller, do you have medical experience such as ( EMT, LVN/RV, PA, MD, DO, etc.), CPA/AED certified, are you transferring (NSP ID, former patrol, former patrol director name, former director email)?

Thank You for your interest.

How to Find Us

8401 Mount Baldy Road, Mount Baldy, CA, USA

Telephone: +1.909.981-9041

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